Keep Out Bad Guests At Your RV Park!

Running credit, criminal, eviction, and sex offender reports for extended stay RV park guests or “full-timers” can be very important to maintain the quality and safety of your park. It is very effective for landlords and property managers. RV park owners and managers can enjoy the same benefits. Avoiding RV Park Guest Ejections We have […]

Our secret to good customer service? We answer the phone!

One Sunday morning I got a call from a landlord that was interested in finding out more about TenantMagic  Toward the end of our conversation she asked “Why should I use TenantMagic? There are so many companies like yours out there. ”  I simply replied “We answer the phone on Sunday morning.”  That landlord […]

The Risks With Using Paper Rental Applications

I recently received a call from a condo association manager that was referred to me. She was concerned about their paper rental applications. They have been using paper applications for over 40 years and had them all stored in their offices. Legal names, dates of birth and social security numbers were written in each of […]