Keep Out Bad Guests At Your RV Park!

Running credit, criminal, eviction, and sex offender reports for extended stay RV park guests or “full-timers” can be very important to maintain the quality and safety of your park. It is very effective for landlords and property managers. RV park owners and managers can enjoy the same benefits.

Avoiding RV Park Guest Ejections

We have all heard the problem-camper horror stories that RV park owners have experienced. ARVC has a blog post “When it’s time for a guest to go”. They don’t use the term eviction, because technically it is not. But, the desired result is the same – getting the problem guest out of the park.

Not letting problem guests stay at your park from the start is best way to avoid the need to eject them. This can be simply and quickly accomplished by requiring applicants to agree to a background screening as part of the application process.

Screening Your Guest Applicants

TenantMagic works with RV park owners and managers throughout the country. All they need to do is enter the email address of the guest applicant into the system. The applicant gets an email from the owner/manager with a description of the process and a link to their application. The guest applicant completes the application, pays the $35 fee and agrees to the background check.

The owner/manager receives the application and reports 5 minutes after it is completed. The reports include the following –

  • Comprehensive credit, including the credit score
  • Nationwide criminal
  • Eviction
  • Sex offender

By using TenantMagic, your bad guest problems can be minimized at no cost to you. The guest applicant pays the fee.

Associated Issues with Problem Guests

Additionally, TenantMagic will save you much more than lost fees. You also have –

  • The repair costs for property damages
  • Lost business associated with a low rating after a guest causes problems

TenantMagic can also help keep away-

  • Drug dealers and users
  • Disruptive campers

The RV park owners and managers that I speak to work extremely hard to maintain the quality of their parks. They realize it only takes one bad guest to ruin the experience for the other guests and trash the reputation of the park. The RV park owners using TenantMagic have told me that requiring a background screening with the application has allowed them to identify potential disruptive guests before the enter the park. This results in more pleasant experience for all involved.

About TenantMagic

TenantMagic provides online rental applications with the most comprehensive tenant screening reports available (credit, criminal, sex offender, and eviction) to property managers and owners.

TenantMagic is free to owners and managers – applicants pay the fee.

We work with RV park managers and owners throughout the country. I would like to show you how we can improve the inquiry and application process of long-term RVers for both you and your applicants.

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