Income Verification

The last step when evaluating a rental applicant You posted your rental, showed the property, ran a background screening and it looks like you found a good tenant. You reviewed the background screening and can see that the applicant is current on their bills, has no collections and there is no criminal or eviction history. […]

Are your rental applicants using fake pay stubs?

In a previous post, I discussed the ease of getting a fake credit report and why you should always run your own screening reports for rental applicants. Credit reports are not the only fake documents that are readily available online. Fake pay stubs are also easily available for under $10.00. and are just 2 […]

Why you shouldn’t use a credit report provided by a rental applicant

Here is a big reason why you should never use a credit report provided by the rental applicant for an application. It is quite easy to get fake one.  Simply by Google “Fake credit report” and fill out the on-line pdf. Here is a link to one of the sites so you can see for […]