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Applicants pay the application fee.
We do not allow the landlord to pay as unqualified applicants could go through the application and the landlord would be out the application fee and have no potential tenant. We recommend that if the landlord wants to pay the application fee, they offer to take it off the 1st month’s rent if accepted.
Credit, criminal background and eviction reports. Credit score. Credit recommendation. Sex offender registry search. See our Reports Page for more details.
No. We suggest that you request the last three pay stubs or bank statements to verify income
No. It is a “Soft Pull”.
The application process takes about 10 minutes. Applicants can call customer service if they need assistance.
In most cases the reports are available less than 5 minutes after the last co-applicant finishes their application.
If the applicant does not have credit history it can take up to 48 hours to get results.
Yes, all applicants must have a social security number.
Please call customer service at 877.462.0960 for assistance with applicants that only have a TIN.
The TenantMagic application clearly states the residency requirements for an applicant to be accepted. We do not want to waste the landlord’s time with unqualified applicants, nor do we want to take the application fee for applicants that will not qualify.
In those cases where an applicant is declined, the landlord selects “Declined” in the Enter Decision section. This automatically generates an Adverse Action letter to the applicant which provides the reason for the decline and the contact information to the credit bureau if the applicant believes the decision was based on incorrect information.

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