TenantMagic is fast. 

The entire process is online, so you can get in your new home faster.

Background Check For Rental Applicants

Applicants receive an email from the landlord or agent with a description of the process and a link to their application. The primary applicant completes the application, authorizes the background screening and pays for the application.

The primary applicant is also responsible for inviting any co-applicants 18 or over. The process takes about 10 minutes and the landlord or agent gets the completed application and screening reports 5 minutes after completion.

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Our screening process is safe

TenantMagic makes every effort to ensure personal information entered is accessible only to those that have permission to view it. Social security numbers are only used for the background screenings. They are not stored on TenantMagic servers nor are they provided to the owner or agent. Each applicant receives their own application to complete, so personal information cannot be seen by other co-applicants.

All background checks are secure

TenantMagic’s application is completed online. The completed tenant application and screening reports are only viewable by registered uses that have permission to access them.

Do you have further questions about your background check?

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