TenantMagic is quick and easy for landlords and owners. 

No more paper rental applications or the need to collect application fees.

The rental application is part of the TenantMagic process, so there is no need for you to provide a paper application to your applicants. Simply enter the email address of the primary applicant and TenantMagic does the rest, including customer service throughout the process.

You only need to enter the email address of the primary applicant and the rent amount. The primary applicant is instructed to invite co-applicants. Co-applicants then receive an email and a description of the process from the primary applicant.

TenantMagic also sends email reminders to applicants that have not started or not completed their applications.

For your convenience all applicants are instructed to contact TenantMagic for assistance, not you.

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Primary Applicant:

  • Receives an email from you with a description of the process and a link to their application
  • Invites any co-applicants
  • Completes and pays for the application
  • Authorizes a background screening

Landlord / Owners

  • Notified by email 5 minutes after completion that the application and reports are ready for review
  • Reviews the application and screening reports
  • Enters a decision which triggers an email notifying applicants of the decision

Do you have further questions about screening a rental applicant?

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