No more wasting time with unqualified applicants. 

TenantMagic makes it easy for real estate agents to work with rentals.

TenantMagic was originally developed with real estate agents in mind. We understand that real estate agents can waste time with applicants that do not have the income required for the rent, are just looking, or have been evicted or a criminal history.

Agents can ask for the email address of the applicant before spending any time with them and enter it into they system. TenantMagic does the rest, including customer service throughout the process. Applicants are instructed to call TenantMagic for assistance, not you.

TeantMagic can also provide agents a short link to their applications that can be entered into the MLS remarks section, allowing applicant to start the application from the listing.

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Primary applicant

  • Receives an email from you with a description of the process and a link to their application.
  • Invites any co-applicants.
  • Completes and pays for the application.
  • Authorizes a background screening.

Landlord / Owners

  • Notified by email 5 minutes after completion that the application and reports are ready for review.
  • Can provide full access to the application and reports to listing agents or owners by entering their name and email address.
  • Enters a decision which triggers an email notifying applicants of the decision.

Do you have further questions about screening a rental applicant?
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