How’s This For Customer Service?

Still waiting for an answer.

The problem with using Zillow for rental applications and background screening

TenantMagic provides online rental applications and comprehensive background screening services. We work with landlords, property managers and real estate agents throughout the US.

Zillow now offers a similar service for landlords and I have been asked about the difference between us. They stopped providing this service a number of years ago have now started again.

Our growth is the result of our customer service. We prominently display our phone number. We also actually answer the phone and respond very quickly to emails and texts from landlords/real estate agents and rental applicants.

I have a Zillow account for a rental property listing from a couple of years ago and submitted a question on their website regarding their ability to work with Spanish-speaking applicants. There is no way to call Zillow for customer service.

A week went by and I finally received a response, but not an answer from their Customer Care Manager.

Zillow’s Response-

“Since you submitted your original request a week ago, it’s likely that you’ve moved on or that you were able to self-resolve your issue. If you still need assistance, simply reply back to this email and we will be happy to help you.”

I did reply to the response and asked them again if they could accommodate Spanish-speaking applicants.

I finally did get an answer a day later and it was “No”.

It took over a week for Zillow to tell me that they can only handle applicants that speak English.

By the way, TenantMagic can and does assist Spanish-speaking applicants.

So, there is your answer regarding the difference between TenantMagic and Zillow. We make every effort to respond immediately to our users. Zillow hopes you can figure out  any questions or problems on your own.

About TenantMagic

TenantMagic provides online rental applications with the most comprehensive tenant screening reports available (credit, criminal, sex offender, and eviction) to property managers and owners.TenantMagic is free to owners and managers – applicants pay the fee.

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