TenantMagic's unique report gives you deeper insight into your tenant.

Save hours of researching potential renters yourself.

We combine and include all these reports in a clear document for you.

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Credit Report

TenantMagic’s credit reports do not affect the credit score of the applicants as they are considered a “soft pull”. Our Credit reports go way beyond just credit scores. Credit scores do not contain enough information to properly evaluate an applicant. There's an abundance of information about an applicant's financial history and actions. We organize that information inside each individual's application to simplify your review. For each applicant we show

  • Credit score
  • Open lines of credit with current balances
  • Late payment history
  • Collections
  • Public civil records

The reports include details on mortgages, credit card debt, lines of credit, installment accounts and miscellaneous accounts that don't fall into the other categories. Particular attention is paid to accounts that have gone to collection and to public records. Public civil records include information about bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, state and county court records, and, in some states, overdue child support.

Criminal Background

We provide criminal background reports so you can protect your property and other tenants. Our reports include:

  • Criminal History - both felonies and misdemeanors
  • Violent Offender Search
  • Sexual Offender Search

Criminal searches are nationwide from the following courts:

  • Federal
  • State
  • County
  • Municipal

Instant criminal results not available for Wyoming, Delaware, South Dakota, and Massachusetts.

Eviction Report

Eviction reports are one of the more important parts of the application review process. Applicants that have been evicted in the past are likely to be evicted again. TenantMagic also allows applicants to explain the circumstances the may have been beyond the control of the applicant. Reports include:

  • Tenant judgment for possession and money
  • Unlawful detainers
  • Tenant judgments for rent
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Writs and warrants of eviction

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